Fulltime freelance artist, part time idiot

Other Websites

My names Vincent (or Boss)!

I'm a 24 year old transmasc artist that's best with anthropomorphic characters

I live in Texas w/ my friends SoberDOGS, Citrinelle, and another friend who dosen't use twitter much!

I try to post and go, since this is my art only account
If I seem intimidating I assure you I'm just really bad with talking

Some things I like is anime, rhythm games, and tea!


What program/tablet do you use for art?
I use Clip Paint! It's a pay to use program but it's a one time payment, I highly recommend it
My tablet is a Wacom Cintiq Pro 22'

Do you take requests or do trades?
Due to my busy schedule I don't take requests, trades are for friends only

What are your prices?
Prices are linked on my website, on the home page of this carrd :)

Where do you get merch made/how do I make merch?
I highly reccomend taking a look at Crazdude's guide to merchendise! (LINK)

How long have you been drawing?
Digitally for around 9 years old, in general I'm sure it's 10+

Can you teach me how to draw/any drawing or selling/commission tips?
I'm horrible with explaining, so I wouldn't be the best teacher. I recommend watching tutorials on youtube or look around on twitter for tutorials :-)

What brushes do you use?
99% of my brushes are clip's defaults!
I also don't remember what brushes I use half of the time for past art, so the best time to ask me is when I'm streaming :'D

Can I draw your fursona/oc?
Yes! As long as it isn't NSFW or distasteful, I don't mind you drawing any character of mine

Can I use your art for an icon/banner/stickers/etc?
If you're not the owner of the character, you cannot use the art.
Clients who have commissioned me in the past may use their commissioned art as icons
Clients can also print their commissioned art to make stickers, but for personal use only.

Can I DM you to chat?
No, DMs are for commission related questions only

Since I can't DM, where can I message you to chat?
Nowhere really, I'm not comfortable with talking to strangers one on one + I have very low social energy

Can we be friends?
In the most respectful way possible;
If you have to ask to be friends with someone, it won't end in you becoming friends
Friendships happen naturally overtime and shouldn't be forced
I only show a very very small amount of myself publicly, you more than likely don't know who i am fully!

Here is a list of all my twitter accounts !
NSFW twitters are for 18+ users only and are here for those who are unsure if it's me or not.

I will block minors that follow on these accounts.

deadcalm_ is listed as 18+ since I interact with nsfw accounts/likes mature posts, and just don't feel comfortable with minors
the account is only listed so others know its me